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Exactly What Are Skin Tags?

What are skin tags? Skin tags are very small portions of skin that hang out in an unaesthetic mode. Although skin tags can appear on all parts of the body, they usually emerge in areas where the skin is exposed to friction, such as the neck, the breasts, the eyelids, the axillae or even under the breasts.

Luckily they are not harmful, and only rarely they represent a danger. In fact, they are skin tumors that present no unpleasant symptoms, unless they are rubbed, or scratched with jewelry, or clothing. However, if you feel any pressure in the area, you are probably dealing with a very large tag. Skin tags are generally made of fat cells, nuclei of fiber, nerve cells, and epidermis. Skin tags appear more often at people who have issues with their weight, or who have this problem running in their family.

Nevertheless, nobody can tell for sure which the cause of skin tags is. Likewise, persons affected by diabetes, as well as the pregnant women, have greater chances of developing tags on their skin. Both women and men can present skin tags on their skin. In some cases, people do not even notice that they have a skin tag, and this falls off alone, in time. Nevertheless, these cases are extremely rare, and most people are bothered by their tags. Similarly, you should know that tags feature different aspects, and they can be irregular, or smooth.

And, they are usually flesh-colored, or feature a darkish nuance. Although skin tags are usually flattened and tiny, with a diameter that's never larger than 1 cm, there are cases when skin tags can reach even 5 cm. And, since they are mainly cause by friction, they are found in places where the skin folds. Skin tags affect all people, but they are mostly seen after midlife. Dermatologists claim that they may be caused by clusters of blood vessels, and collages, which are sometimes trapped in some parts of the skin.

And, all the specialists claim that skin tags are a consequence of skin friction. Still, there are a series of factors that can hurry this process, and can determine tags to appear faster. For instance, obesity is one of the main risk factors. When it comes to skin tags, they are mostly found at overweight and obese people. Skin tags can also be a consequence of the multiple hormonal modifications that pregnant women are going through. People who suffer from diabetes can develop tags too, but those who intake illegal steroids have the highest risk of presenting this condition. You probably already now that steroids cause the collagen fibers to merge, increasing the risk of tags. The National Institute of Health in America has issued a report showing that 46% of the country's population presents skin tags.

Similarly, they have shown that the individuals, who are suffering from this condition, are more likely to present this ailment again, and again, in time. Moreover, in some cases, skin tags have been associated with various other diseases, among which are the Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome and the Polycystic ovary syndrome. A skin tag can be referred to by using a large array of names such as cutaneous tag, acrochordon, papilloma coli, fibroma molluscum, fibroma pendulum or fibroepithelial polyp.

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